Re-opening guidelines

Asalamu Alaikum 

Following the Kansas City’s loosening some restrictions related to the Covid-19 that have been placed since the Stay-at-Home order, the BOD of Al-Huda Center have decided to resume the 5 Daily Prayers effective on this Sunday, May 31; while we are still observing all the safety regulations. 

We are not yet ready for resuming Friday prayers, but we are in process putting together a set of safety measures partially resume Friday Prayers.

For safety precautions, the following rules will be strictly observed at any time:

Anyone showing Covid-19 symptoms, such as fever, coughing,   etc., will not be allowed into the Masjid. For the safety of the others, you should stay home if you feel ill.

We strongly recommending to stay home if you’re elderly or have an underlying health conditions.

Face Mask must wear all the time in the Masjid.

Unnecessary stay or hanging around the Masjid aren’t allowed.

Masjid will open only prayer times ( 15 minutes before Iqamah and stay open 30 minutes after prayer).

Please always come with Wudu as Bathrooms and wudu are limited to use. 

Hand sanitizers and other disinfectant items will be provided. 

We ask Allah “swt” to protect us from this evil disease and we ask him to give us guidance and strength to overcome the challenges we are facing. 


30 May 2020 07:16 PM