Student Handbook

Al-Huda Center Weekend School (ACWS)

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Student Handbook

A Message from the Principal: 3
About The Program 3
Mission Statement & Vision 3
Description of Courses 4
Qur’an Reading & Memorization Program Info: 4
Islamic Studies & Tafseer Program Info: 4
Regular School Hours 4
Schedule of Classes 4
Emergency Closing of School 4
Weekend School Staff 5
Attendance 5
Arrival of Students 5
Student Dismissal 5
School Concerns 6
Discipline 6
Grounds for Detention 6
Grounds for Suspension 6
Grounds for Expulsion 7
Homework 7
Student Responsibilities 7
Parents’ Responsibilities 7
Reporting Student Progress/Parent Involvement 7
End of year Graduation and Awards Ceremony 9

A Message from the Principal:

Dear Parents and Community:

We would like to welcome you all to our 2019-2020 school year as we look forward to a very exciting year. We are sure that the Al-Huda Weekend School Program will ensure tremendous growth and progress in your child’s Islamic education and exposure.

Good communication between parents and the Weekend School Teachers is very important. You need to be informed about the curriculum and skills being taught in order to support our efforts and assist your child, and we need to know from you how we can best meet your child’s needs.

Please look at your child’s work regularly. Talk about it and give praise or encouragement and extra help whenever needed. Please help your child with the assigned homework, providing a conducive area to study, and have your child return it to school the next school day.

We would also like to ask you to join and participate in our PTA meetings and activities, as well as volunteer at the Weekend School and at Al-Huda Center. Contact our dedicated teachers or myself with any concerns or questions you may have.

Working as a team we will continue to maintain a progressive learning environment for our children and provide them with a successful Islamic education.

We look forward to working with you again this year, and as always we appreciate your support and contributions.


Ahmed Abdi-Sheikh,
Principal, Al-Huda Weekend School Program
About The Program
The Al-Huda Weekend School Program offers the following areas of studies:

• Qur’an Reading & Memorization
• Tafseer & Islamic Studies

The Quran Reading & memorization class focuses on learning to read and memorize the Qur’an in preparation to go to a Hifz School, while other classes aim to build a strong foundational knowledge of Islamic Studies.
Mission Statement & Vision
We aim to create a structured and nurturing environment for children to learn to read and memorize the Qur’an and have basic knowledge of Islamic Studies & master the basic knowledge of Tafseer. The weekend school program is meant to foster spiritual and academic development. This program was designed to help nurture an intrinsic motivation within the student to learn the basics of their religion and build a strong moral character.
Description of Courses
Please see the following paragraphs for the course descriptions. Should you have any questions or need clarifications please do not hesitate to reach out to the ACWS staff members.
Qur’an Reading & Memorization Program Info:
The Quran program at ACWS aims to provide students the ability to read the Qur’an and recite it properly. Students will then learn how to effectively memorize the Qur’an. Our vision is to provide children with the best resources, teachers, and environment by which they can learn to read, memorize, and understand the Holy Qur’an. Students will gain confidence in reading and understanding the basic subjects in the Qur’an. In tandem with teaching students the Word of Allah (SWT), students will learn oft-repeated vocabulary in the Qur’an and familiarize themselves with the basic message of the text.

Islamic Studies & Tafseer Program Info:
The Weekend program at ACWS focuses on teaching Islamic Studies and Tafseer. The objective of the program is to create a competitive and nurturing environment for students to learn. Student coursework will be based upon the “Weekend Learning” textbook series & supplemental material. In addition, the program is designed to teach students the authentic Ahadith of our beloved Prophet (SAW) as well as the daily adkhar and dua’s narrated from the Sunnah.
Regular School Hours
10:00 A.M. – 2:00 P.M. (Dhuhr prayer is mandatory for all students)
Schedule of Classes
Period 1: 10:00 a.m. to 10:55 am
Period 2: 10:55 am to 11:50 am
Break: 11:50am to 12:20 pm
Period 3: 12:20 pm to 1:15 pm
Wudu: 1:15pm to 1:25pm
Dhuhr Prayer/Talk from Imam: 1:30 pm
Emergency Closing of School
Please follow the options below in the order of preference listed:

• If you have internet, please visit the ACWS Website at on the morning of school day. You can also call a friend who has internet.
• If you do not have internet, call the ACWS at 816-231-6876 for recording after 6:30 a.m. on weekends, i.e. the school, or the Principal at 913-602-3365.
• Exercise your best judgment even if school is open. Do not drive out to school when snowing or icy conditions prevail. Sometimes the weather has been different from area to area and we do not want you to take any risk.

Weekend School Staff
Principal: Ahmed Abdi-Sheikh
Administrator: Nabil Abas
Weekend School Office:
PTA Co-President:
PTA Co-President:

Students are expected to attend all classes they are assigned. They have to report on time. Three tardiness equal one absence. Every semester, the class with the best attendance will have an ice cream party.
Arrival of Students
Students must arrive on time. We encourage parents to escort our younger children to their classrooms.
Students arriving late (after 10:30 AM) to school must report to the office with their parent/guardian to be counted in attendance before going to class. A note from the parent/guardian explaining the reason for the late arrival is required. Parents of students who have 2 or more tardiness in a month will be required to meet with the principal/administrator to discuss the reasons for the tardiness and to develop a plan for improvement. Failure to correct excessive tardiness will be ground for student not being allowed into the class that the day of and further disciplinary measures.

Student Dismissal
Students are dismissed from the Weekend school after the Dhuhr Salah, in front of the Masjid. All students are expected to go directly to their responsible adults. If a parents is late and not ready at the Masjid to pick up their child/children, the child/children must remain in the Masjid. Any parent who comes later than 1:50pm will be assessed $1/minute late fee until to the time they pick up their child/children.
School Concerns
Parent concerns and questions are to be directed to the appropriate classroom teacher or to the principal.
To achieve our learning outcomes, we expect all students to be prepared to participate in all learning activities. The weekend School Community will work together to develop appropriate guidelines specifically reflective of the needs of our children. Every teacher acknowledges the needs of all our children. Proper behavior should be practiced at all times. We expect the best from each of our children. Inappropriate behavior is not acceptable as it is counterproductive for the success of our children. We urge all parents to encourage their children to show excellent social and work skills. All parents are expected to become active participants in their child’s learning experience at the ACWS program. The success of our children is contingent upon our effort as partners and as a community. To Ensure maximum learning and foster a conducive environment for constructive instructions. ACWS put together the following disciplinary measures, Advice Detentions, Suspension and Expulsions. The school’s staff will advice and remind the violating students of their responsibilities and the school’s expectations. When this fails then the violating student will eligible for detention, then suspension and ultimately expulsion.

Grounds for Detention
The following violations are grounds for detention:
• Not following teacher’s instructions
• Minor disruptive behaviors in class
• Failure to complete homework on time
• Minor infringement on other students’ rights in class
• Coming to class without required books and other stationary
Grounds for Suspension
The following violations are grounds for suspension
• Excessive rudeness towards the teachers, students, staff or volunteers.
• Using fowl/vulgar language in and around the school. ACWS has zero tolerance for swearing and cursing
• Fighting or calling other students names.
• Excessive disruptive behaviors in class. Excessive disruptive behavior is defined as 3 or more times in any given week.
• Failure to complete homework on time continuously
• Failure to follow principal’s or administrator’s instructions.
• Excessive violations for the school’s rules and regulations.
• Violations of school’s dress code
Grounds for Expulsion
Repeated violations of the above grounds for suspension. Will automatically make the violating student eligible for expulsion in consultation with the AL-Huda Center Executive Board Members.
Homework is a vital part of the total learning process. Grade level practices are communicated to the students and parents during the week before its due date. Homework serves to provide essential practice in needed skills; enrich and extend the school experience; and promote growth and responsibility. In addition to classroom assignments, all students are required to complete homework assignments and return them to the classroom teacher. Failure to do that will amount to the student being detained for at a minimum of two hours to complete his/her homework.

Student Responsibilities
• Come to class on time
• Come to class prepared with textbooks, notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers and any other items the teacher requests
• Be respectful to volunteers, other students, and the ACWS property
• Do the assigned homework
• Participate in class
Parents’ Responsibilities
• We expect you to bring your child to class on time. Late arrival results in your child missing valuable class teaching, as well as causes disruption to the class.
• Please be advised that three (3) consecutive tardiness will equal one day of absence.
• You are strongly advised to purchase the assigned textbooks and workbooks for all the classes by the first day of school; these are available in the ACWS bookstore.
• We expect you to check for homework assignments and help your children with them when necessary to complete them.
• We expect you to check for notes in your child’s backpack and respond to them as necessary.
• Info about website should go here
• Stay in contact with your child’s teacher and request a conference if and when necessary.
• Parents are expected to review materials from the previous week and prepare for upcoming weeks lesson
• Pay tuition on time.
Reporting Student Progress/Parent Involvement
Students will have 2 report cards, one for each semester. Grades are awarded in the form of letter grades.

• A: 90-100% (pass)
• B: 80-89% (pass)
• C: 70-79% (pass)
• D: 60-69% (pass)
• E: 50-59% (not pass)
• F: below 50% (not pass)

Grades are calculated according to student’s classwork, homework, tests, quizzes, projects, project presentations, etc.

First semester Report Cards are signed by the principal, then given to students by their teachers to take home.

End of Year Report Cards are signed by the principal, then given to the students by their teachers to take home. It is the parents’ responsibility to notify the school administration if they end up missing the report card.
Al-Huda Center Weekend School students are required to dress gender appropriate Islamic clothing and shall not wear the following items:
• Clothing, pins, jewelry, accessories or other items of adornment displaying obscene, profane, derogatory, violent or gang-related messages, themes, designs or pictures;
• Clothing, pins, jewelry, accessories or other items of adornment conveying messages related to or promoting the use of alcohol, drugs, or tobacco products, or messages that promote illegal activities.
• Clothing pins, jewelry, accessories or other items of adornment depicting bawdy, salacious or sexually suggestive messages.
• Clothing that is transparent or exposes the midriff, navel or cleavage. Pants, skirts and/or shorts that sag below the waistline or must be held in place with the hands.
• Underwear as outer garments or clothing that exposes underwear (including, but not limited to, stretch lycra, spandex or nylon tights, leotards, biker pants, biker shorts, bathing suits, pajamas).
• Tank tops, halter tops, garments with spaghetti straps, tube tops, fishnet tops, strapless dresses, or other clothing that is not appropriate because of slits, rips or holes in the garment. Accessories which could in some way pose a danger to the wearer or others; and/or could be used as weapons (including, but not limited to, two-or-three finger rings, chains hanging from clothes, picks, hair chop sticks).
• Hair styles that are deemed Un-Islamic such as twists, dreads, un-kept hair, and head gears such as bandanas, baseball hats/caps and masks.
• For girls, pants or tight skirts or shirts that do not fully hide body cleavages
• Clothing that is too tight and/or is inappropriate in length as determined by the school’s staff

Cellular telephones are not to be visible during school hours. Students found in violation will have them confiscated and returned to a parent. All cell phones, electronic devices and other confiscated items cannot be picked up for 24 hours. When the parent/guardian picks up the confiscated item he/she will be required to sign the General Confiscation Form acknowledging that if the same or similar item is confiscated a second time it will be kept until the end of the semester; and if confiscated a third time, the device will be kept until the last calendar day of the school year. The school must be contacted to schedule a pick up time.

End of year Graduation and Awards Ceremony
All KG students who pass to 1st grade will receive certificates. For the rest of the grades, certificates will be awarded to 3 students in each class in each of the following categories, as selected by the teacher:
• Best attendance
• Best academic performance
• Most improved